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Welcome to Pinnacle Protection Dogs. At Pinnacle we take pride in providing families with true family pet protectors. Our staff is extremely passionate about their work and have years of expirience training world-class civilian protection dogs. Our philosophy is based on preparing protection dogs for the real world as opposed to a competition field.  A Pinnacle Protection Dog is stable, clear-headed, and will bring your family priceless companionship and peace of mind.

What You Need to Know When Choosing A Protection Dog

Choosing a protection dog can be challenging and there is very little information online. In order to better educate the public, we offer the following valuable information.

Knowing the Difference between Defensive and Offensive Training.

Many companies offer animals with military or police training as executive personal protection dogs. Choosing one of these dogs may seem like a good idea, but former military or police dogs make poor protection dogs because of the differences between defensive and offensive training. Understanding this difference is important when choosing the best protection dog for your needs.

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